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Brilliant first
Every time.

Settify is the global leader in client intake systems for law firms.

Built by lawyers, for lawyers.

Settify uses technology to make the law more efficient, accessible and personable. Our AI-backed technology empowers clients during a vulnerable time, allowing them to start their matter when it suits them.

Settify’s award-winning solutions streamline the intake process, helping lawyers to start client relationships on the right note, ensuring brilliant first meetings. Every time.


Elevate your service offering with the power of AI-backed technology.


Acquire more clients by empowering prospects to commence their matter when and how it suits them.


Improve efficiencies with immediate access to the information you need from your clients.


Create a positive, empathetic client experience from the get-go.






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We make it easy for lawyers to embrace AI.

“Settify allows you to build rapport from the outset of your engagement with a new client – and that first attendance is incredibly valuable for us.”

Kara Best
Best Wilson Buckley

We make it easy for lawyers to embrace AI.

“It’s intuitive, it’s easy to use, and it means that you can walk into the appointment armed with some basic knowledge.”

Elm Law Firm

Settify: loved by over 450 firms globally.

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Let our team show you how Settify can add value to your practice and help you to achieve brilliant first meetings. Every time.

Simple to integrate, meaningful results.

Our streamlined process is easy to tailor to your firm’s needs.

1. Integrate

We embed Settify into your website using your firm’s branding, logo and colors.

2. Invite

Prospective clients can kick off the process on your website or via a link sent in a welcome email.

3. Ask

Settify invites prospective clients to answer simple questions about their situation.

4. Learn

Clients receive personalized information about the legal process, their options and how your firm can help.

5. Instruct

The client then provides detailed information in their own time.

6. Extract

Settify generates a summary of the client’s instructions for your lawyers, including an editable table of assets and liabilities, with formulae to help you make essential calculations.

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