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Designed to connect with leading practice management systems.

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Effortless Integration: Settify Enhances Practice Management Systems

Settify integrates beautifully with most Practice Management Systems. Create and populate matters directly from Settify data – saving about 30 minutes per matter, reducing re-keying, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Make our system part of your system.

Smokeball logo

Smokeball is the leading practice management software. Settify’s integration with Smokeball allows users to create and populate Smokeball matters directly from Settify data – saving at least 20-30 minutes per matter. All contact details information relevant to the matter, including documents are brought across from the intake process.

leap logo

Settify’s integration with Leap is highly comprehensive and allows for the seamless population of most data fields using information collected during the intake process. Leap users can create a new matter complete with relevant client details and Settify documents.

File pro logo

Currently, Settify can populate contacts into FilePro; this includes the client’s details and those of their spouse or partner. The opportunity exists for Settify and FilePro to expand the integration to populate additional tabs.

law master logo in colour

LawMaster is a system that most firms will modify to suit their practice. Using data from the intake process, Settify works to create new contacts and matters in LawMaster. Due to the bespoke nature of the LawMaster environment, further customisation is also possible.

actionstep logo

Our integration with Actionstep allows you to update or create new contacts directly from the Settify data. Actionstep users can review and amend all of the parties’ contact details and create a matter using that information.

Lexis Nexis logo

Affinity is a system that most firms will modify to suit their practice. Using data from the intake process, Settify works within these bespoke environments to create new contacts and matters in Affinity.

Formily logo

This integration allows for a smoother interaction between clients and their lawyers while freeing lawyers and support staff time. Information entered via Settify’s is pre-populated into Formily’s Form E tool, eliminating the need to rekey basic information, making the Form E drafting process more seamless.

Clio logo Colour

Settify can save as much as 30 minutes per new matter by pre-filling your prospects’ information into Clio. Settify automatically populates matters, contacts, activates the billing feature, and conflict checks in Clio Grow and/or Clio Manage with a click of a button. The sophisticated AI powering Settify allows the client to engage with Settify intuitively and at a time that suits them.