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Looking after loved ones shouldn’t be difficult.

Preparing a Will can be daunting. Settify’s intelligent intake system helps remove the angst and guides clients to start the process.

We’ve replaced antiquated paper-based instructions with interactive AI that asks the right questions about a client’s family and estate.

Your team will have the information needed to host impressive first meetings without the back and forth.

Set the stage for compelling client relationships.

Accelerate Progress

Bring the positivity of progress to your first meeting by coming prepared. Our interactive intake system allows you to collect sufficient background information to provide tailored options and a suggested path forward.

Make Clients Comfortable

We help clients overcome trepidation by empowering them with an overview of the estate planning process, including what to expect and what documents they will need. As a result, your clients will attend their first meeting prepared, with appropriate documents ready and an understanding of what’s ahead.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Preparing Wills and Powers of Attorney can be low-margin work. When initial consults fail to produce the required information or considerations, margins are reduced further. Settify takes care of the initial fact-finding (often cutting the need for an entire meeting), ensuring you have all the information you need to start drafting.

Designed for Wills

Settify’s technology saves you time by capturing your client’s information and presenting the complete picture, enabling you to draft your documents effectively.

Client Details

Key contact details, relationships, financial and personal information pertaining to the client(s).

Areas of Assistance

Instantly understand any concerns your client has and the documents they need.

Family Tree

Settify generates a family tree, giving you a clear picture of family members and dynamics, including any risk factors.


Discover nominated executors, guardians, attorneys, key decision-makers and other significant appointments.

Schedule of Assets and Liabilities

Receive all assets in the estate so you can work with clarity.

Client Homework

Powered by AI, Settify recognises the documents your clients need to provide, prompts them to gather any necessary extra information, and proactively guides them to think about critical decisions.


Our streamlined, automated intake system is the simple way to take your practice to the next level.

Settify for Wills pricing model:

  • $99 monthly subscription fee
  • $49 per fee-paying individual
  • $75 per fee-paying couple
  • $0 for leads who do not convert
  • Plus setup, installation and training

For a fixed monthly fee arrangement, call us on 1300 356 213.

Settify for Wills pricing model:

  • £99 per month service fee
  • £30 per fee-paying individual
  • £40 per fee-paying couple
  • £0 for leads who do not convert
  • Plus setup, installation and training

Simple to integrate, meaningful results.

Our streamlined process is easy to tailor to your firm’s needs.

1. Integrate

We embed Settify into your website using your firm’s branding, logo and colours.

2. Invite

Prospective clients can kick off the process on your website or via a link sent in a welcome email.

3. Ask

Settify invites prospective clients to answer simple questions about their situation.

4. Learn

Clients receive personalised information about the legal process, their options and how your firm can help.

5. Instruct

The client then provides detailed information in their own time.

6. Extract

Settify generates a summary of the client’s instructions for your lawyers, including an editable table of assets and liabilities, with formulae to help you make essential calculations.

Settify also has products for the areas of Family Law, Probate and Estate Disputes.

Settify also has products for the areas of Family Law and Probate.


How do I integrate Settify into my website?

We embed our technology on your webpage. We use your firms’ branding, logo and colours so the experience is seamless for your future clients. Our team liaise with your website administrator to add the Settify button to your website. We then provide all the hosting, troubleshooting and technical support for the Settify system.

How are conflicts handled?

An email is sent to your reception when a client completes Settify from your website, including the client and spouse’s name, address, and date of birth. Using these details, you can run your conflict check. If conflicted, we cut off access to the rest of the client’s information, so no one at your firm will ever have seen it. Otherwise, click ‘No Conflict’ to receive the full brief.

How does the billing process work?

The per-client fee is charged when a user engages your firm and becomes a paying client. For anyone who fails to attend a meeting, attends a free meeting only, or is otherwise not charged, there is no Settify fee. At the end of each month, you receive a list of names who requested an appointment with your firm. You strike out any who did not engage, and we render an invoice for the clients who did.

Can I disburse the Settify fee?

Yes, many firms choose to pass the fee on to clients. Clients think that’s fair, as it would cost them far more to provide their information in person during the first conference. We can configure your system to provide the appropriate disbursement notice.

How does Settify secure client information?

We take data security very seriously. To ensure that your client’s confidential information remains confidential, Settify takes the following steps:

  1. Client information is stored onshore with Amazon Web Services (military and bank-grade security).
  2. All data is encrypted at rest (sitting in the cloud) and in transit (when moved from the cloud to the solicitor).
  3. Regular internal and external security penetration testing of the Settify system.
  4. Automatic information deletion.
    • After 60 days of inactivity, client information is frozen and cannot be accessed unless the client or lawyer completes specific requirements.
    • After 2 years, all identifying client information is securely destroyed.