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Revolutionise Your Will Intake Process with Settify

Efficient, Accurate and Streamlined

A Law Firm Without Settify is Like a Toolbox Without Tools

Navigating the complexities of drafting Wills just got easier.

Settify streamlines the critical intake process, reducing administrative burdens and allowing you to focus on client needs rather than paperwork. It ensures accuracy and adherence to current laws, enabling precise will preparation.

Will Preparation Made Simple with Settify

Simplify Your Workflow

Settify’s technology streamlines the process of capturing client information, allowing you to focus on drafting precise and effective documents.

Detailed Client Profiles

Gain access to key contact details, relationships, and financial/personal information to better understand your clients’ needs.

Quick Identification of Needs

Identify client concerns and required documents promptly to provide efficient and accurate legal assistance.

Visual Representation of Family Structure

Settify generates a family tree, providing a visual representation of family members and dynamics, including any potential issues

Easy Selection of Executors and Guardians

Discover nominated executors, guardians, attorneys, and other key decision-makers effortlessly.

Clear Asset Overview

Receive a detailed schedule of assets and liabilities, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the estate.

Structured Client Preparation

Settify’s AI-powered system guides clients in gathering necessary documents and making critical decisions, ensuring they are well-prepared for the process.

Seamless Document Management

Automate the collection of documents, ensuring accuracy and completeness in submissions.

Effortless Collaboration

Collaborate with clients and team members seamlessly, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working efficiently.

Engage Clients, Ensure Preparedness and Boost Productivity

Facilitate Progress

Set the stage for a productive first meeting. Our interactive intake system gathers comprehensive background information, enabling you to offer tailored advice and a clear path forward in wills and estate planning.

Enhance Client Comfort

Settify empowers clients with a clear overview of the estate planning process, including required documents and expectations. This preparation ensures clients arrive at their first meeting ready, with all necessary documents and a solid grasp of the upcoming process for wills and estate planning.

Boost Your Profitability

Drafting Wills and Powers of Attorney can be resource-intensive. Incomplete initial consultations can further strain margins. Settify streamlines the initial fact-finding process, often eliminating the need for an additional meeting. This efficiency ensures you have all the information necessary to begin drafting wills and Powers of Attorney promptly.

Ensure your estate matters are handled with professionalism.

Settify keeps you one step ahead.

Simplify Client Intake, Enhance Matter Management, and Improve Client Engagment

Navigating Complex Family Dynamics

Handling a client’s complicated family situation can be challenging and prone to errors. Settify simplifies this by generating a comprehensive family tree, clearly outlining relationships and potential risks. This visual aid helps lawyers better understand the family structure and dynamics, address potential conflicts and ensure the will accurately reflects the client’s wishes.

Streamlining Administrative Tasks and Ensuring Document Accuracy

Lawyers spend significant time on administrative tasks, reducing efficiency. Manual Will preparation can lead to errors and delays. Settify integrates client information into practice management systems and automates document handling, ensuring accuracy and compliance. This boosts efficiency, reduces burdens, and ensures legally sound wills that reflect client intentions.

Reducing Client Anxiety and Improving Preparation

Clients often feel anxious about estate planning, leading to incomplete information and delays. Settify addresses this by providing an overview of the process and required documents, empowering clients to feel prepared and confident. This results in smoother interactions and quicker progress.

Simplifying the Initial Client Consultation

Gathering information for Will discussions can be tedious. With Settify, clients input their details online, streamlining the entire process. Lawyers receive a detailed summary, allowing you to dive directly into focused legal advice during your consultations, thus enhancing both effectiveness and efficiency.

What Settify Means For Your Wills Practice

Settify revolutionises your wills and estate practice by streamlining client interactions and automating the intake process. This innovative platform allows you to dedicate more time to providing expert legal guidance and less time on paperwork. Settify is available to potential clients 24/7.

Settify enhances your firm’s intake capabilities and prepares matters efficiently by intelligently organising critical documents and data. For your practice, Settify means improved operational efficiency, cost reduction, and increased client satisfaction. Embrace innovation—let Settify boost your firm’s productivity and enable you to handle more cases confidently.

Increased Productivity

Spend more time crafting legal advice and communicating with clients, thanks to less time spent completing administrative tasks.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce overheads by cutting down on manual processes, which translates into direct cost savings for your firm.

Superior Client Outcomes

Settify reduces paperwork, freeing up more time for strategic planning, which leads to enhanced results and client satisfaction.

AI-Powered Accuracy

Settify’s AI-driven systems enhance accuracy by seamlessly integrating client-entered data into your practice management software, eliminating the need for rekeying and minimising the risk of errors.

Scalable Technology

Whether you’re managing the demands of a growing practice or maintaining a high case load, Settify will meet your needs without additional resources, ensuring your practice can expand without compromising service quality.

Superior Data Analytics

Settify provides insightful analytics that helps lawyers track the onboarding progress, and make data-driven decisions that improve practice outcomes.

Settify Integrates with…

Settify is a cutting-edge technology designed to streamline and automate the initial client intake process for law firms handling wills and estate matters. It allows clients to provide necessary information online before their first consultation, saving time and improving accuracy. Settify benefits your firm by enhancing client experience, reducing administrative workload, and improving overall efficiency in handling wills and estate matters.

Settify streamlines client onboarding by enabling clients to complete their intake forms online. This pre-appointment data collection ensures that lawyers have all relevant information beforehand, making initial consultations more productive and focused on legal strategies specific to wills and estate planning.

We provide comprehensive support and training, including onboarding sessions, user guides, video tutorials, and ongoing customer support. Our customer support team is dedicated to ensuring that family lawyers can fully utilise the software’s features to benefit their practice.

Yes, Settify’s platform is highly customisable. You can tailor the intake forms and processes to match your firm’s specific requirements and workflows, ensuring a seamless fit with your existing practices in wills and estate planning.

Settify’s intake software is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for clients to complete the intake process online. The intuitive design ensures a smooth and straightforward experience for clients, even those less familiar with technology, in the context of wills and estate planning.

Yes, Settify’s software can integrate with various other systems commonly used by law firms handling wills and estate matters. This integration helps maintain a cohesive workflow across different platforms.

A full list of integrations can be found here:

Yes, Settify’s law intake software is designed with robust security measures to protect client data. It complies with all relevant privacy regulations, ensuring that sensitive information is handled securely and confidentially.

Yes, to view these case studies, please visit our Case Study page:

Yes, Settify offers cost-effective solutions suitable for small law firms and solo practitioners. The pricing is designed to provide value and return on investment, ensuring that firms of all sizes can benefit from the software. For more information on pricing, please reach out to us

Settify’s flexible design allows it to be adapted for use in other areas of law as well. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and how Settify can be tailored to support other legal practices.

Settify’s intake software can help increase client conversions and retention by providing a streamlined and professional intake process for wills and estate matters. Clients appreciate the convenience and efficiency, which can lead to higher satisfaction and loyalty in wills and estate planning.

Settify’s intake software streamlines administrative tasks by automating data collection, reducing manual data entry, and ensuring that all necessary information is gathered accurately. This automation frees up valuable time for your staff to focus on higher-value tasks, improving overall efficiency.

Getting started with Settify is easy. Simply contact us to schedule a demo or consultation. Our team will guide you through the setup process and provide the necessary training to ensure a smooth implementation.

Setting up Settify for your law firm is quick and straightforward. Your Settify platform can be set up within a week of receipt of the required information.

Yes, Settify does run free Continuing Professional Development Educational webinars. To keep current on all upcoming CPD webinars, please follow our Settify LinkedIn page, where we announce all upcoming events.