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New Clients Served On A Silver Platter


Settify increases client conversion, reduces admin and ensures the best first impression to ensure law firm growth.

How Settify Has Worked For Our Clients

Start Converting Leads Into Clients Today


Convert After-Hours Leads into Clients with Settify

44% of clients search for legal services outside standard business hours. Settify empowers these clients to initiate their cases anytime through your website, ensuring you capture potential revenue around the clock. Don’t miss out on after-hours leads—let Settify transform them into your clients.


Prioritise Client Needs from the Start with Settify

Settify provides a sensitive and discreet intake process for family law matters, enabling clients to proceed at their own pace for a stress-free and accurate experience. By tailoring the intake process to each client’s unique needs, Settify strengthens the lawyer-client relationship, delivering a service that’s both personalized and considerate.


Enhance Client Satisfaction with Settify

Clients value Settify for its ability to streamline information, lessen stress, and provide reassurance. The platform also enables lawyers to establish quick rapport by reviewing client data prior to initial consultations, leading to more efficient meetings.

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Increase Lead Conversion

Settify boosts lead conversion for law firms by streamlining lead qualification, offering immediate responses, and providing insights to fine-tune engagement strategies. Its user-friendly design and personalized approach encourage more leads to convert, driving higher conversion rates and business growth.

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Customised Client Engagement

Discover the Power of Personalisation: Delight your clients with a bespoke questionnaire experience. Every answer they provide shapes the subsequent questions, crafting a uniquely tailored interaction that resonates with their individual needs.


Streamlined Information Gathering

Effortless Efficiency: Revolutionise the way you collect and organise client information. Automate the mundane, liberate your schedule, and devote your newfound time to what truly matters—strategic legal analysis and case preparation.


Strategic Preparation Platform

Blueprint for Triumph: Arm yourself for success from the first meeting. Receive a comprehensive client brief, meticulously detailed asset and liability schedules, and pertinent documents. This suite ensures you’re well-prepared, informed, and set to make every client interaction count.


Seamless Data Integration

Unify Your Case Management: Seamlessly merge client data from Settify into your existing case management systems. Simplify your workflow, cut down on administrative burdens, and slash costs, allowing you to focus on delivering top-tier legal services.

What Is Settify?

Settify is a pioneering online intake platform that leverages cutting-edge technology and automation to transform client intake processes for law firms worldwide. As a global leader in this space, Settify enhances the efficiency, accessibility, and personal touch of legal services. Powered by AI technology, it supports clients in initiating their legal matters on their own terms, providing empowerment and convenience during vulnerable times.

Master the Art of Precise and Secure Client Communication Documentation

Ensure precise, secure client communication and documentation. Vital for compliance, having all client details—contact info, legal concerns, background, and past representation—ready before meetings is crucial. Use digital forms or an online portal for efficient pre-consultation intake, streamlining the process.


Synchronise Intake With Your Practice Management System for Effortless Efficiency

Automate Client Engagement

Establish a system that regularly follows-up with clients to keep them engaged with the onboarding process, as well as the need to gather any additional information. Using Settify means you no longer have to think about this process; it is all automatic and fool-proof.

Optimise Your Operations through Intake Standardisation

Develop a standardised intake procedure throughout your law firm to ensure consistency and thoroughness. Using a solution that doesn’t allow for inconsistencies, such as Settify as an intake platform will ensure everybody in the law firm is on the same page and help you run a tight ship.

Unlock Efficiency with smart Intake

Settify revolutionises law firm intake, moving beyond traditional pen-and-paper or basic digital methods. With automated onboarding links, reminders, and a user-friendly ‘Get Started’ button on your website, Settify ensures a seamless start for clients. Its adaptive intake system streamlines the process, offering a digital, effortless experience.

Cost effective for clients – increase billable hours for law firm


Settify is a win-win, offering cost savings for clients and boosting billable hours for law firms. It streamlines initial interactions, cutting down on long consultations, while allowing lawyers to focus on higher-value tasks. This efficiency saves clients on consultation fees and lets firms dedicate more time to complex matters, improving revenues.

Supercharge Your Success with Exceptional Communication

Your intake process is key to first impressions, requiring clarity and effective communication. Settify elevates this with professionalism and convenience, enhancing conversion rates and saving money for clients. It positions your firm as client-focused. Clear communication of policies and fees sets expectations early. Settify’s pathway report, demystifying legal jargon and processes, becomes an essential communication tool, providing a tailored case summary for clients.

Reduce admin, errors, paperwork and stress


Settify cuts down on administration, paperwork, errors, and stress by automating lead qualification and responses. This minimizes manual tasks and human error, making the process smoother for both clients and staff, and ensuring an efficient, error-free customer journey.

Be better prepared – Become an efficient law firm

Settify boosts law firm preparedness and efficiency by gathering detailed client information early on, allowing lawyers to fully understand each case before the first meeting. This enhances legal advice quality and streamlines consultations, conserving time and resources. Moreover, Settify’s analytics offer insights for ongoing process improvement, driving greater efficiency and client satisfaction.

Clients will shop around

Your first impression is likely your intake. Settify ensures your first impression is professional and convenient for the client. It also dramatically will increase your conversion rate. By offering Settify your first impression is saving them money. Why would they want to choose a law firm that doesn’t use Settify?

Brilliant first meetings. Every time.

Settify is the world-class client intake system that your law firm has been looking for – and so much more. Don’t let clients find a law firm that is more sympathetic to their situation.

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