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Want To Learn How To Improve Your Legal Intake Process?


Using technology to automate your onboarding process is sure to prove lifechanging for your law firm.

How To Improve Your Onboarding Process


Enable Clients to Begin Matters Beyond Office Hours

44% of clients will be searching for a lawyer outside of office hours. Harnessing technology for your client intake such as Settify means they can start their case after hours and on their own time. If you have clients coming to your website after hours and you’re not using Settify, you’re leaving money on the table. 


Optimise Your Operations through Intake Standardisation

Develop a standardised intake procedure throughout your law firm to ensure consistency and thoroughness. Using a solution that doesn’t allow for inconsistencies, such as Settify as an intake platform will ensure everybody in the law firm is on the same page and help you run a tight ship.


Automate Client Engagement

Establish a system that regularly follows-up with clients to keep them engaged with the onboarding process, as well as the need to gather any additional information. Using Settify means you no longer have to think about this process; it is all automatic and fool-proof.


Synchronize Intake for Effortless Efficiency

Automatically sync your intake process with your practice management system to eliminate unnecessary administration. Saving time and removing errors. Settify integrates with most PMS systems. See our integrations page for more details.


Prioritise client needs from the start

In sensitive situations, like family law cases, a considerate intake process is crucial. Settify’s technology enables clients to proceed at their own pace, avoiding intrusive questioning during challenging times. This approach transforms the intake process into a thoughtful and unhurried experience, emphasising the significance of accuracy and time.

Tailoring the intake process to each client’s unique needs and preferences deepens the lawyer-client relationship. Settify’s technology enables a better understanding of the client’s situation and goals in advance, ensuring a more client-centred approach.


Unlock Efficiency with smart Intake

When you rely on pen and paper or basic digital processes, you leave your law firm’s success to chance. But with Settify, you’re taking a SMART approach.

When a lead comes in, Settify automatically sends an onboarding link via email, followed by notifications and reminders to prompt the client to start their case. Your website also features an easy ‘Get Started’ button.

Plus, Settify’s intake system adapts to the client’s inputs, streamlining the entire process into a digital, hassle-free experience.


Master the Art of Precise and Secure Client Communication Documentation

Documenting all client communications and securely storing intake forms is a fundamental requirement for compliance and easy reference.

Having all pertinent information readily available before your meetings is key.

To enhance efficiency, make sure your comprehensive client intake form collects vital client details, including contact information, legal concerns, background, and prior legal representation. Implementing digital forms or an online portal for clients to complete before their initial consultation saves time and streamlines the process.


Supercharge Your Success with Exceptional Communication

Your intake process forms the cornerstone of your clients’ first impression. Clarity, expectations, and effective communication are invaluable.

With Settify, you ensure professionalism and convenience, ultimately boosting your conversion rate and saving your clients money. Opting for Settify distinguishes your firm as a choice that values its needs.

To manage expectations from the start, clearly convey your firm’s policies, fees, and expectations. Settify’s pathway report offers a customized summary of the client’s case, demystifying legal terms and processes, and making it the ideal communication tool

Brilliant first meetings. Every time.

Settify is the world-class client intake system that your law firm has been looking for – and so much more. Don’t let clients find a law firm that is more sympathetic to their situation.

What comes from making the shift to Settify

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