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Streamlining the Legal Process with Automation

The Power of the Settify Platform

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Settify is the global leader in client intake systems for law firms.

In the blink of an eye, the realm of automation has exploded, drastically changing the landscape of multiple industries, with the legal sector no exception. Today, law firms stand at the precipice of a vast ecosystem teeming with technological advancements and a rich tapestry of integrations designed to elevate operations and save time. However, as with any significant shift, apprehensions arise – hesitance stemming from the fear of the unknown and the age-old belief that machines could never replicate the intricate nuances of human interactions.

Contrary to popular belief, technology isn’t poised to strip jobs away. Instead, it’s here to augment our capabilities and bolster the value we provide. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring that firms remain competitive in an ever-evolving market by enhancing client experience. Imagine walking into a doctor’s office where, instead of spending half your appointment explaining your symptoms, the doctor already knows them and proceeds directly to diagnosing and advising. This is precisely the kind of efficiency Settify brings to law firms.

Rather than lawyers spending initial meetings laboriously gathering background information – a time-consuming process that makes forming a personal connection difficult – Settify streamlines this step. It efficiently captures all required background information and consolidates it into valuable and usable documentation for lawyers. This allows lawyers to dedicate their initial meetings to providing focused advice while forging a deeper, more meaningful relationship with their clients.

In this blog, we explore how technology, particularly platforms like Settify, are not just keeping up with the demands of modern law but are setting new standards for client experience.

Client insights

Understanding client preferences is paramount in the ever-evolving world of automation and client engagement. Settify interviewed over 10,000 clients to gauge at what time of day they preferred to engage with law firms. The results were eye-opening: a significant 44% expressed a preference for interacting outside of conventional business hours. Such insights emphasise the importance of aligning law firm operations with client lifestyles, ensuring that services are efficient and conveniently accessible.

Understanding Settify: More Than Just a Tool

Before diving into the details, it’s crucial to understand what Settify brings to the table. This platform doesn’t merely digitise existing processes. It automates and refines them, making the family law journey smoother, faster, and more engaging. With Settify, what is often seen as a daunting legal process becomes more navigable, and clients can move through each step with clarity and momentum previously unheard of in the legal realm.

More than just a simple intake system; Settify brings a level of sophistication and intelligence to the table that law firms will find invaluable. The platform’s advanced technology asks clients specific and relevant questions enabling lawyers to understand client needs and offer actionable advice right from the get-go. Additionally, Settify educates clients about the ins and outs of their legal matter, guiding them to provide relevant information and documentation prior to the first consultation. This dual advantage equips lawyers with the tools they need to confidently propose solutions during their initial meetings, while also empowering clients with a sense of control and understanding of the process. The result is a streamlined experience that not only conserves valuable time but also fosters trust and loyalty.

Settify makes the tedious fact-finding process obsolete by diligently capturing client instructions and crafting them into well-defined briefs and asset schedules, embodying efficiency in its purest form. But efficiency isn’t its sole forte; the client experience is equally prioritised. Lawyers will walk into initial conferences well-prepared, enabling a swifter progression from background discussions to actionable advice and planning.

The Bridging Pathway: Seamlessly Transition from Family Law to Wills and Estates

Settify provides a unique bridging pathway that seamlessly transfers relevant information between practice areas. At the resolution of a family law matter, clients will likely need to adjust their Will or estate plan. Settify’s bridging pathway allows clients and professionals to do this easily as much of the relevant information from the family matter can be seamlessly migrated between practice areas – providing a holistic solution to your clients.

Time Is Money: Settify’s Integration with Practice Management Systems

Every legal professional knows that time is a precious resource. Administrative tasks, while essential, often consume vast amounts of this resource, leaving professionals inundated with paperwork and manual processes. This is where Settify’s integration into practice management systems becomes invaluable.

By integrating seamlessly, the platform cuts down on administrative redundancies. The result? With an average saving of 30 minutes per matter, consider the cumulative effect over hundreds of matters. This integration boosts profitability and allows legal professionals to focus on what truly matters – offering high-quality legal counsel.

Prioritising Client Convenience: Starting Matters on Your Schedule

The legal world operates on deadlines, appointments, and strict schedules. Clients, already grappling with the stress of legal matters, often find themselves juggling their personal and professional commitments to fit into these schedules.

Enter Settify. One of its most client-friendly features is the autonomy it offers in initiating a legal matter. Clients are no longer bound by conventional timings. Whether it’s late at night, during a lunch break, or on a weekend, clients can start their legal journey when it’s most convenient for them. This flexibility ensures that the legal process fits into the client’s life, not the other way around.

Innovation Meets Tradition: The Future of Legal Services

Settify is not just another software tool; it’s the link between tradition and innovation. The legal sector has long-standing practices that are foundational to the justice system. However, these practices need not be stagnant. The right technology can transform them to serve contemporary needs better.

The digital realm offers endless possibilities, and Settify is harnessing them to re-envision the legal process. The platform provides a fresh approach to family law and its related domains through automation, integration, and a keen focus on user convenience.

Ease of implementation

The apprehension surrounding the adoption of new platforms is understandable. Many practices lack the time or resources to dedicate to wholesale technological upgrades. However, Settify has been meticulously designed to be a swift and hassle-free integration. Typically, the entire rollout takes a mere 3-5 days, a testament to its user-friendly nature. Additionally, training for your team is included as part of the rollout, ensuring that individuals can quickly get up to speed, irrespective of their technological prowess. Embracing Settify doesn’t mean stepping into the unknown, but rather embarking on a simplified journey towards enhanced efficiency.

The world of legal services is on the cusp of significant transformation. As automation and technology continue to make inroads, platforms like Settify are leading the charge, ensuring that both clients and professionals benefit from streamlined processes, reduced redundancies, and enhanced flexibility. The Settify platform serves as a testament to the possibilities that lie ahead for the legal industry, reminding us that with the right tools and vision, even the most traditional sectors can evolve to meet the demands of a modern world.